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January 2024:
Expanded Admissions to the Masonic Homes of California

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    Expanded Admissions to the Masonic Homes of California

    Are you or is someone you know looking for a safe and trusted senior housing arrangement for your parents?

    Good news! Since November, the parents and parents-in-law of California Masons are now eligible to live at the Masonic Homes of California, thanks to new admissions guidelines.

    That’s a massive change, and one that means more California Masons than ever can now take advantage of the Masonic Homes’ services, particularly at its senior retirement communities in Union City and Covina. Additionally, more Masons (and their family members) can now apply for an “assignment-of-assets” contract, which is underwritten by Masonic relief dollars, allowing seniors of limited means to move into the Masonic Homes no matter their financial situation. (Those who are not eligible for that can still enter through a “fee-for-service” model, without any upfront entry fee.)

    This move reflects a changing fraternity—one in which the average age of members is coming down, and in which more Masons than ever are taking on the burden of helping elderly parents or in-laws find housing. At the same time, senior housing has never been more expensive or harder to find. Now, thanks to the board’s recent decision, eligibility is open for the first time ever to the following:

    • Parents and parents-in-law of California Masons
    • Master Masons with less than five years’ membership in a California lodge
    • Entered Apprentice and Fellow Craft Masons in a California lodge

    At its Union City and Covina campuses, the Masonic Homes offer three levels of care: independent living (for those without serious health issues), assisted living, and skilled nursing (particularly for seniors dealing with memory-loss conditions like Alzheimer’s and dementia).

    As lodge leaders, it’s important that you help us get the word out to Masons throughout the state that they have this incredible service at their fingertips. Far too often, we hear members say they wish they’d known about the Masonic Homes of California earlier!

    In addition to its retirement communities, the Masonic Homes provides a wide range of services to Masons and their families, including mental health and wellness care (through the Masonic Center for Youth and Families), in-home care and case management (through Masonic Outreach Services), and more.

    Please help us spread the word about expanded admissions so we can bring this Masonic relief to more of our fraternal family than ever.

    More questions? See this F.A.Q., visit the Masonic Homes’ website at, or call Masonic Assistance at (888) 466-3642.

    For Your Trestleboard

    Use this content to spread the word about resources provided by the California Masonic Foundation, the Masonic Homes of California, and more.

    Masonic Health Services:

    Services at MCYAF Across the Lifespan

    The Pavilion at the Masonic Homes

    Masonic Homes of California Resources

    Masonic Value Network

    Masonic Philanthropy:

    Masonic Youth Order Resources Library

    California Masonic Foundation Cornerstone Society

    January Officers' Checklist

    Stay on track of lodge business and prepare for important deadlines. Here’s your January checklist.

    Executive Committee

    Senior Warden, along with Executive Committee

    • Urge presumptive master, wardens, and senior deacon to perform their Master Mason’s proficiency soon, if not already completed.
    • Prepare 2024 budget to present to the lodge in January.
    • Budget for, and prepare to attend, 2024 Leadership Retreats.
    • Ensure that all committee assignments have been determined. After installation as master, confirm audit, charity, and membership retention committee appointments.
    • Review all candidates’ progress toward advancement.


    • Continue sending out dues notices and collecting member dues.
    • Begin preparing secretary’s annual report to present to the lodge in February.
    • Review the list of suspended members sent to you by Grand Lodge and determine if your lodge wants to participate in the 2024 Restoration Campaign.
    • Budget for, and prepare to attend, 2024 Leadership Retreats.


    • Begin preparing treasurer’s annual report to present to the lodge in February.
    • Budget for, and prepare to attend, 2024 Leadership Retreats.
    • Ensure that the lodge financial records are up to date and bank accounts are reconciled.
    • If you haven’t yet, enroll your lodge in the Dues Invoicing Service. Lodges enrolled in this program saw more members pay their dues compared to lodges that did not participate. All lodges that participated last year will be enrolled again this year. Lodges enrolled in the program will be emailed about dues through December. To opt into or out of the program, contact Member Services.

    Questions? Contact Member Services at or (415) 776-7000.

    Question of the Month

    What payment features would help your lodge members pay dues on time?

    • 53% - More payment options (PayPal, Venmo, etc.) 
    • 34% - More frequent/earlier reminders
    • 22% - Auto-renewal
    • 17% - Payment assistance
    • 17% - Other (Partial Payments, No charging card fees, continue to pay secretary, paying monthly and/or quarterly, hard copy dues card)

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