After nearly two years apart, our lodges are back to meeting in-person. Make sure you and your fellow officers are positioned for a successful year ahead. The 2022 Leadership Retreats are your chance to get hands-on, practical advice on the issues facing lodges today. Share knowledge, learn new skills, build connections, and get inspired to lead your lodge into the future.

Master and Wardens Retreats

Palm Springs: May 20–22

Get inspired to jumpstart your lodge for the year ahead. Whether you’re a current officer, in the line, or aspire to someday be, the Leadership Retreats offer specialized sessions to help you envision the change you want to see—and put it into action. Learn about the 2025 Fraternity Plan and other exciting new fraternity-wide updates. You’ll get expert advice, trade information and best practices, and meet your fellow Masonic officers from around the state in a weekend of fun and friendship.

NEW: Spouses and partners attending the Master and Wardens retreat in San Ramon now have the opportunity to join First Lady Liz Wilkins on a tour of the Olivina, one of the premier boutique olive oil orchards in California. Explore the orchards, learn about the process of making olive oil, and taste the end product with the owners, Bro. Charles Crohare and his wife, Patty. Participants in this free add-on to the Spouses and Partners program will depart from the San Ramon Marriott following lunch and return in time for dinner.

Hotel nightly rates apply
Springs Miramonte Indian Wells Resort and Spa: $200/night

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