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Masonic Education

Masonic Education and Tools

Masonic education is the study of Masonic values, history, symbols and myths.  It also encompasses lessons in leadership, self-improvement and community building.  Our online educational resources help members learn more about Freemasonry and the daily business of leading a lodge.

Masonic education events - View a complete listing of upcoming symposia, conferences, colloquiums, and more.

A Simple Guide to Freemasonry - Get answers on some of the most common—but often confusing—questions about Freemasonry.

Videos - Access a variety of original documentary films about the fraternity and its history.

Henry Wilson Coil Library and Museum of Freemasonry - Grand Lodge of California's on-site library and museum offers a wealth of online resources for researchers.

Research lodges and organizations

Research lodges and organizations in California and worldwide hold discussions, gather and preserve Masonic information, maintain libraries, supply papers and speakers at the request of other lodges, and provide general knowledge in the field of Masonic education.

Research lodges in California include:

Research organizations around the world include: