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December 2023:
Pre-Pay Next Year’s Dues!

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    Pre-Pay Next Year’s Dues!

    The holiday season is upon us, with all the associated fun, stress, and family get-togethers it brings. For California Masons, it also means that membership fees are due. But thanks to a new feature in iMember, you can have one fewer thing to think about this time next year.

    Now, for the first time, California Masons will be able to auto-pay their next year’s dues in advance. Meaning, as you pay your 2024 dues, you’ll have an option to pre-pay your 2025 fees. And if two years’ worth of dues is too much to pay all at once, you even have the option of having those 2025 dues paid in monthly or quarterly installments.

    It’s yet another way the Grand Lodge is trying to make it easier for members to pay their dues on time and remain in good standing. In recent years, we’ve rolled out a partial-dues remittance for those having trouble affording their dues; online credit-card dues payments that lodges can opt into; and the restoration campaign to bring suspended members back into good standing.

    These programs are all part of the larger effort to reduce the number of members who are suspended for non-payment of dues each year. Since the pandemic, SNPDs have remained stubbornly high. In 2022, just over 1,400 members were suspended—that’s 3.5 percent of all members, with an average age of 53 and an average tenure of 32 years. In other words, these are longtime, committed members.

    In most cases, these suspended members have either simply forgotten to pay their dues, encountered a clerical error (a change of address, etc.), or some other simple problem. “It’s not always just people making a conscious decision that they can’t afford their dues that we’re seeing members suspended for nonpayment,” says Jordan Yelinek, the Grand Lodge director of member services. “Some people simply forget!” Now, with the autopay feature, “Just like your gym membership or cell phone bill, you’ll be able to have your 2025 dues automatically charged to your credit card without the effort of having to go back into iMember next year,” he says.

    It's also easy to sign up for autopay when paying current dues in iMember. This new feature is now live in iMember, so if you have already paid your dues and would like to sign up for this service yourself, just log back in and click the "My Profile" tile under your member portal. You'll be asked to configure a payment profile and choose the options for autopay. “Over the years, we’ve consistently heard from folks that they wanted this type of feature,” Yelinek says. “We’re just happy to be able to finally offer it.” At the end of the day, Grand Lodge hopes autopay will not only be a benefit to members but also to the fraternity as a whole.

    Signing Up for AutoPay

    • Log into iMember. If you have not registered your account, simply go here and follow the instructions on the screen. There is also a video there demonstrating how to register.
    • To sign up for autopay, you must first pay your current outstanding balance. Once logged into your member portal, you will see a note with a "Pay Now" button at the top of the member portal. Click the "Pay Now" button and follow the instructions on screen. Once a payment is complete, you will be presented with an option to turn on autopay. Click the banner and follow the instructions on the screen.
    • If you have already paid your outstanding balance, simply click on the "My Profile" tile under your member portal and configure a payment profile. Once a payment profile is configured, you will be presented for the options to configure autopay.

    For Your Trestleboard

    Use this content to spread the word about resources provided by the California Masonic Foundation, the Masonic Homes of California, and more.

    Masonic Health Services:

    Services at MCYAF Across the Lifespan

    The Pavilion at the Masonic Homes

    Masonic Homes of California Resources

    Masonic Value Network

    Masonic Philanthropy:

    Masonic Youth Order Resources Library

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    December Officers' Checklist

    Stay on track of lodge business and prepare for important deadlines. Here’s your December checklist.

    Executive Committee

    • Hold the installation of officers or continue to prepare for installation.
    • Meet with the inspector to review your plan for the year.
    • Prepare to attend the 2024 Leadership Retreats.

    Senior Warden, along with Executive Committee

    • Urge the presumptive master, wardens, and senior deacon to perform their Master Mason’s proficiency soon, if not already completed.
    • Prepare the 2024 budget to present to the lodge in January.
    • Budget for, and prepare to attend, 2024 Leadership Retreats.
    • Ensure that all committee assignments have been determined. After installation as master, confirm audit, charity, and membership retention committee appointments.
    • Review all candidates’ progress toward advancement.


    • Continue sending out dues notices and collecting member dues.
    • Begin preparing the secretary’s annual report to present to the lodge in February.
    • Review the list of suspended members sent to you by Grand Lodge and determine if your lodge wants to participate in the 2024 Restoration Campaign.
    • Budget for, and prepare to attend, 2024 Leadership Retreats.


    • Begin preparing the treasurer’s annual report to present to the lodge in February.
    • Budget for, and prepare to attend, 2024 Leadership Retreats.
    • Ensure that the lodge financial records are up-to-date and bank accounts are reconciled.

    Questions? Contact Member Services at or (415) 776-7000.

    Question of the Month

    Last month, we asked has your lodge appointed a Prospect Manager yet? Of those who replied:

    • Yes - 45%
    • No - 33%
    • We plan to - 22%

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