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How You Can Help During
Youth Order Observance Month

DeMolay International, Job’s Daughters International, and the International Order of Rainbow for Girls rely on Masonic lodges and adult leaders for support and mentoring. This March is Masonic Youth Orders Month, during which members and lodges are encouraged to reach out to these organizations and find ways to support their mission.

Here are some of the ways lodges can show their support for the Masonic youth orders.

Easy to Implement:

  • Job’s Daughters Bethel No. 264 in Riverside

    Shadow night/visit an assembly, bethel, and chapter

  • Attend a youth order meeting and conduct a “walk-about” or offer a Q-and-A about Freemasonry
  • Reverse service, in which Masons serve dinner to the youth orders
  • Have the three youth orders in your area present the Shield of Unity
  • Invite a youth order member to present during Officers’ Schools of Instruction
  • Invite a youth order member to present at your next lodge event
  • Invite the young people (child, grandchild, niece, nephew, etc.) in your life to the next youth orders event in your area
  • Dedicate your Trestleboard cover to the youth orders
  • Share Masonic scholarships with your local youth orders
  • Offer a Masonic trivia quiz with small prizes to youth order members
  • Look for ways to spotlight our youth orders and their members
  • Issue a check to support your youth orders

Higher Impact:

  • Joint community service project

  • Incorporate the youth orders in lodge ceremonies such as anniversaries, installations, Hiram Awards, etc.
  • Joint fundraiser (pancake breakfast, car wash, yard sale—all at lodge)
  • Volunteer for Raising-A-Reader or other school events and talk about the Masonic youth orders
  • Outdoor movie night, including the community
  • Issue a check to support your youth orders

Highest Impact:

  • Bethel No. 148 in Auburn perform during an officer’s installation ceremony of Eureka Masonic Lodge No. 16

    Essay contest or scholarships or awarding bikes, iPads, or other prizes

  • Host a Youth Order of the Year award or event
  • Host a mini-golf, bowling, picnic, or other event for the entire Masonic family
  • Host a youth order festive board
  • And issue a check to support your youth orders!

Each of these suggestions can be implemented at any time of the year, but we suggest your lodge select one or two to implement for youth order observance month in March.

Share stories and pictures of how you celebrated our Masonic youth!

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