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August 2020: iMember 2.0


iMember 2.0 Is Here. Get Started Today!

A month in, nearly 85 percent of California lodges have already begun to access their portals in iMember 2.0, the new membership platform—one of the highest adoption rates of any grand lodge jurisdiction on the system. Yet with so many new features just a finger-swipe away—and many more being prepped for launch this fall—there are still lots of questions left to be answered, starting with some of the most basic.

How Do I Get to iMember 2.0?

iMember 2.0 is designed to work on any mobile phone, tablet, or desktop or laptop computer with an internet connection. Simply visit and click the “For Members” button in the upper-right-hand corner of the screen. If you haven’t logged on yet, you’ll need to create an account, so have your email address, membership number, and a unique password ready to go. 

Can I Download iMember 2.0 on My Phone?

Yes. Whether you have an iPhone or an Android phone, you can add a home screen shortcut to access iMember 2.0 quickly and easily. To install, use your web browser to visit the site, and select “Add to home screen.” The exact placement of the button will depend on your web browser (Safari, Chrome, or Firefox). See detailed instructions here.

Are There More Features in the Works? 

You bet! Here are a few we’re most excited about developing and introducing over the next several months:

1. Digital Dues, Reminders, and Payment Plans

In the past two years, lodges across the state suspended more than 1,000 Masons for failing to pay dues. Yet, when reached by Grand Lodge staff, 82% of those suspended didn’t even realize they had failed to pay their dues—and two-thirds didn’t even know they had been suspended. With iMember 2.0’s digital dues, these types of failures will be a thing of the past. With just a few clicks, lodge secretaries will be able to send out reminders of upcoming dues to all registered members, using those members’ preferred communication medium. That includes email reminders, text messages, or even automatic phone calls. From there, members will be able to log onto iMember 2.0 and pay their dues online—either all at once or on an installment plan. For more information about digital dues, check out one of the virtual seminars designed for lodge officers, especially secretaries.

2. Expanded Social Networks

Masons are all about fellowship, and iMember 2.0 will offer them unprecedented opportunities to connect. Just as you have access to your lodge profile on the new platform, iMember 2.0 will soon offer members the ability to join special-interest groups through a social media-style portal. So motorcycle enthusiasts can join “Hiram’s Hogs,” for instance, or snowbirds can join the “Solomon’s Skiers.” A beta version of this feature is already live, and members are clearly excited about it. In just four weeks, Masons have viewed posts in some of these affinity groups more than 25,000 times.

3. New Ways to Share Resources

Just about every lodge has a back room full of extra aprons and officers’ jewels. A new feature in development will give members a chance to donate or swap certain Masonic regalia on a virtual marketplace akin to Craigslist or Nextdoor. The new platform is called Solomon’s List. Details are still being worked out, but imagine if newly formed lodges were able to take advantage of surplus regalia cluttering up older lodges.

4. One-Stop Shop for Hall Associations

You probably already know about the challenges of operating a joint hall association with another lodge. This fall, iMember 2.0 will help relieve some of that burden by releasing a new Hall Association dashboard where members can store documents, communicate with their association across different lodges, and work with Grand Lodge to submit requests and reports.

5. Keeping Track of Attendance

A virtual tiler’s register is another feature in the works for iMember 2.0. Using this feature, members can scan a QR code at lodge through their phone to digitally check in to the meeting. For members, it’s a fun way to track how often they visit lodge (either their own or while traveling); for lodge leaders, it’s a useful took to keep track of how active their membership is—and to act quickly when attendance flags.

For questions on iMember, contact Member Services at (415) 292-9180 or

Your August Checklist

Stay on track of lodge business and prepare for important deadlines. Here’s your August checklist.

Executive Committee

  • Make plans for your lodge master, wardens, or other representatives to attend the Annual Communication this October. More details about this year's Annual Communication will be released soon.

Senior Warden, along with Executive Committee

  • Identify and approach members for 2021 open elected and appointed officer positions. 
  • Urge presumptive master, wardens, and senior deacon to perform their Master Mason’s proficiency soon, if not already completed.
  • Urge respective officers to answer the master, senior warden, and junior warden questions early.
  • Identify and approach members for the 2021 Audit, Membership Retention, and any other committees.
  • Continue preparing 2021 budget.
  • Set installation date and approach installing officer, master of ceremonies, and chaplain.
  • Review all candidates’ progress toward advancement.

Junior Warden

  • Continue tracking 100 percent officer giving to the Annual Fund, with officers setting an example through gifts that represent their capability as well as their commitment to our charitable programs.


  • Pay lodge per capita.


  • Pay lodge per capita.

Questions? Contact Member Services at or (415) 776-7000.

For Your Trestleboard

Use this content to spread the word about the Distressed Worthy Brother Relief Fund and MCYAF’s Telehealth services.

This month:

Distressed Worthy Brother Relief Fund
MCYAF Telehealth

Question of the Month

Last month we asked what online programs your lodge has participated in since the outbreak of COVID-19. Of those that responded:

  • 88%  Zoom or other videoconferencing lodge meetups. 
  • 49% Virtual speakers or training webinars from Grand Lodge.
  • 33% Donated funds to the Distressed Worthy Brother Relief Fund or another charitable cause.
  • 25% Facebook Live events through the Masons of CA page.
  • 7% None

Here is your next question.