Ionic Composite No. 520 – Reception of Junior Grand Deacon



Additional Details
  • Event Type: Reception or other event
  • Hosted By: Ionic Composite Lodge No. 520
  • District: 626
  • Invited: Grand Lodge Officers, Masons, Public, Spouses and Partners, By Invitation or Registration
  • Dress: Other - Tux for Officers and Grand Lodge Officers, suit and tie for attendees
  • Meal Cost: $25
  • Itinerary Details:
    Lodge will be opened ~ 5:30 pm by Lodge Officers
    6:00 pm - Greet Guests in Lobby
    6:45 pm - ask guests to find seats in Dining Room
    6:55 pm - Entrance of Master, JGD, and GM (if present)
    - Invocation by Grand Chaplain (if present) or other
    (-Presentation of Flag by DeMolay? - subject to availability)
    7:00 pm - Dinner is served
    7:45 pm Invite Brethren and Guests upstairs to Lodge Room for open portion
    7:55 pm - Begin open portion upstairs (communications, birthdays, etc.)
    - Grand Lodge Introductions in Mel Nahin Style (conducted by the Master
    - Remarks from the JGD and GM (if present)
    - presentations
    ~8:40 pm Dessert served and schmooze
    ~9:00 - 9:10 pm Invite brothers upstairs for closed business meeting and closing


Mar 04, 2024


6:00pm - 10:00pm


Ionic Composite Lodge

2244 Westwood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Organizer Contact Info

Jacob Abraham Gershbock
(310) 382-0323