Anderson’s Constitutions Anniversary Ceremony



Additional Details
  • Event Type: Special Event
  • Hosted By: United Grand Lodge of England
  • Invited: Grand Lodge Officers, Masons, Spouses and Partners, By Invitation or Registration
  • Dress: Daytime
  • Itinerary Details:
    The event will run over 30th and 31st January, with a welcome reception for visitors and a private view of the associated ‘Inventing the Future’ Exhibition on the evening of Monday 30th. The Especial Grand Lodge meeting (at which the full regalia of Grand Lodge should be worn) will take place in the early afternoon on Tuesday 31st, after which a festival luncheon will be served.


Jan 28, 2023 - Feb 05, 2023


12:00pm - 12:00pm


Freemason's Hall

60 Great Queen Street
London, UK WC2B 5AZ

Organizer Contact Info

Allan Casalou