Al Malaikah Temple Dinner at Imperial Session



Additional Details
  • Event Type: Reception or other event
  • Hosted By: Al Malaikah Shriners
  • District: Los Angeles
  • Invited: Grand Lodge Officers
  • Dress: Casual
  • Itinerary Details:
    While the Grand Master is in Reno for Imperial Session we would like to invite the Grand Master and his group to join us for dinner on Monday evening.
Hotel Information
  • Hotel Name: N/A
  • Hotel Booking Code: N/A
  • Hotel Email Address:
  • Hotel Phone: N/A


Jul 01, 2024


7:00pm - 9:30pm


Churrassco Brazilian Steak House

425 S. Virginia St.
Reno , NV 89501

Organizer Contact Info

Kalani Jensen,
310 292 8504