Online Leadership Course: The Lodge and the Hall Association

Join your counterparts from lodges all over the state in January and February 2021 as we come together in our first online leadership course.

2021 S&T Online Leadership Course

Tuesday, March 9th 5:00 to 6:15 pm 

  • Presenter: TBD (potential Art Weiss and Bob Beeson)
  • Title: The Lodge and the Hall Association*
  • How the lodge leadership and the hall association interface
  • Art? to reinforce the vision of relationship between Lodge and Hall
  • Describe how that works in the context of governing
  • Bob to talk about how to apply this with common issue
  • Secretary and Treasurer should take the Hall Association LMCP if they have not already
  • Description: Join us as we provide a comprehensive review of the ins and outs of the Lodge and Hall Associations, how lodges and halls interface, and whether secretaries and treasurers should take the Hall Association LMCP.


Mar 09, 2021


5:00pm - 6:15pm


Online Course
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