11th Annual International Conference on Freemasonry

International Conference on Freemasonry

2023 International Conference on Freemasonry
"From the Attic of the Grand Lodge"

Saturday, April 8 at UCLA
Admission: $30; optional lunch $20

We’ve all had the experience—or at least dreamed of it—of crawling through the attic or basement and discovering a hidden treasure. For many California Masons, whose lodges have histories going back to the founding of the state, that Antiques Roadshow fantasy isn’t a fantasy at all. From centuries-old aprons and officer’s jewels to paintings, ornaments, and documents, Masonic lodges can be a treasure trove of curiosities. But what are we supposed to actually do with this stuff?

That’s the question at the heart of the 11th International Conference on Freemasonry, taking place April 8, 2023, at the University of California Los Angeles. The annual event, presented by the Grand Lodge of California with assistance from the Grand Lodge of California, is an exploration of that vast collection of material culture—the technical term for all that “stuff.” What should lodges do with it? How do we know what’s valuable and what isn’t? And how do these items, from bibles to regalia to aides de mémoire, help tell the larger story of Freemasonry? 


Apr 08, 2023


9:00am - 5:00pm


University of California, Los Angeles - Faculty Club
480 Charles E Young Dr E
Los Angeles, CA 90095