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California Freemason Magazine Presents:
Freemasonry in Latin America Now

Did you know that Brazil has one of the largest populations of Freemasons in the world? Or that Argentina has one of the fastest-growing? Did you know some of Cuba’s most incredible architecture can be found in its Masonic temples? That a Freemason helped lead the Haitian slave revolt? Or that nearly every president of Mexico for 100 years was a Mason? Did you know California has had Spanish-speaking lodges for more than 60 years? 

There’s a lot about Latin American Freemasonry that would come as a surprise to many. The fact is, Freemasonry has a long and distinguished—if often overlooked—history south of the border, as well as in Latino enclaves in the United States. That’s why in the latest issue of California Freemason, we’re exploring those important cultural and fraternal ties.

From dual-Masonic citizenship members, to a breakdown of the many rituals of Latin American lodges, to a 1909 Masonic road trip from L.A. to Mexico City, it’s a history-spanning, forward-looking view into Masonry on both sides of our southern border. 

In addition, be sure to check out some fun online extras this issue, including video profiles of Logia Panamericana No. 513 and Napa Valley No. 93, plus the aforementioned multimedia slideshow of the 1909 Masonic train delegation to Mexico

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