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2024 Dues Notices

Last year, nearly 200 California lodges participated in a voluntary Grand Lodge initiative in which annual dues notices were sent directly to members. This allowed members to pay their dues easily and conveniently, online or by check. The results of that program were clear: Members paid their dues at higher rates when invoiced by Grand Lodge compared to lodges that handled notices internally.

Grand Lodge is pleased to announce that it is continuing this optional service this year.  So that secretaries and treasurers might be more informed about when notices will be sent, below is the schedule for the 2024 dues notices.  Please note that while we will try our best to deliver on this schedule, there may be adjustments to the timing.

  • November 6: First email notice sent
  • November 20: Second email notice sent
  • Week of November 20: First print notice begins to arrive at homes. Click here for an example print invoice
  • December 1: Third email notice sent
  • December 11: Second print notice begins to arrive at homes
  • December 15: Third email notice sent
  • December 27: Fourth email notice sent
  • January 9: First past dues notice email sent
  • January 25: Past dues print notice begin to arrive at homes

See sample emails
Lodge Dues Email

Lodge Dues Email 2

Members may pay by check or credit card. If a member belongs to only one lodge, the return address for the check will be his lodge secretary’s. If a member belongs to more than one lodge, the return address for the check will be the Grand Lodge, which will split payments out to lodges.

All members can access their virtual dues card through iMember 2.0, where they can also print a physical copy.

We are grateful to all of the members and secretaries who provided feedback for the improvement of the service over the past years.  

Questions? Please contact Member Services at or (415) 292-9180.