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See How Far We've Come in the 2020 Fraternity Plan Review

October 7, 2020

Five years ago, more than 7,000 California Masons came together through in-person conversations, town hall meetings, and questionnaires to help envision the future of the fraternity. The result of that yearlong exercise was the development of the 2020 Fraternity Plan, a road map to guide the Masons of California into the new decade.

Now, as we close out 2020 and develop a new vision geared toward 2025 and beyond, the fraternity has an opportunity to look back over the amazing work of the past five years and reflect on how far we’ve come. Centered around four key principals—rewarding member experiences, memorable and meaningful degrees, strong lodges and halls, and leaving a positive impact on society—the 2020 Fraternity Plan focused on strengthening the foundation of the fraternity for individuals, lodges, and halls, freeing members to focus on the parts of Freemasonry that matter most. 

Download the 2020 Fraternity Plan Review today to learn about the many initiatives and efforts lodges have led since 2015 in service of those timeless principals.