2021 Master and Wardens Retreats

Now more than ever, lodges need your leadership. After more than a year apart, it’s time chart a path forward and take steps toward implementing our vision. At the 2021 Master and Wardens Retreats, officers have an opportunity to come together and do just that, learning time-tested leadership and management skills so they can excel in their role and inspire their lodge.

This year’s retreats are open to lodge masters, senior and junior wardens, and senior deacons, with officer-specific breakout sessions geared toward each position.

There are two ways to attend: In-person, in Irvine or San Ramon; or virtually in July.

In-Person June 11–13, Irvine
June 25–27, San Ramon
$350 Registration

Virtual Tuesdays and Thursdays during July

Whether you’ve attended a leadership retreat in the past or this is your first year in the line, there’s something for everyone. Learn about the new 2025 Strategic Plan and how your lodge can use its pillars to drive engagement and make a difference in your community. Connect with fellow leaders to share tips and tools for putting change into action. And come away feeling inspired to re-energize your own lodge, drive new prospects, and improve the membership experience for all.

Space at the in-person retreats will be limited in accordance with local COVID-19 regulations, so act now to reserve your spot. 

In-Person Retreats Limited Availability—register now!
June 11–13 at the Irvine Marriott
June 25–­27 at the San Ramon Marriott

Registration: $350 for members.
Hotels: $155/night (both locations)
• Includes cocktail reception, lunch, and dinner
• COVID-19 protocols will be in place based on state and local guidelines
• Proof of negative test within 72 hours or completed vaccine required
• Masks required except while eating/drinking

Virtual Retreat
Webcasts Broadcast Tuesdays and Thursdays in July (July 6, 8, 13, 15, 20, 22, 27, 29)

Free to attend.
• Sessions are on ON24 with Zoom breakout group sessions.
• Live or on-demand broadcasts of retreat sessions.
• Same content as in-person events.
• Sessions are 60 to 90 minutes

2021 Retreat Session Descriptions

(Session descriptions below are for virtual retreats and similar sessions will be held in person)

Session 1/ July 6th:
Welcome & Leading the Fraternity from 2021 to 2050
Speaker: Art Weiss
In this opening session, the Grand Master will welcome participants and look forward to our 2050 vision and 2025 plan. Hear what members and the public have shared about our fraternity and how that lead to the creation of our 2050 Vision and 2025 Plan.

Session 2:
The Pillar of True Friendship
Masons report that the friendships that they make in lodge are what they value most about their membership. Learn about strategic initiatives centered on the pillar of true friendship.

Session 3:
The Pillar of Diversity & Harmony
Market research shows that the difference between engaged members and unengaged ones are their perceptions of the diversity and harmony of their lodge. This session will go into detail about new initiatives around these important values.

Session 4:
The Pillar of Positive Awareness
Positive awareness of our fraternity is more important now than ever, especially as we approach a turning point in membership numbers. Learn about how Grand Lodge, lodges, and individual Masons can participate in this important initiative.

Session 5:
The Grand Master’s Restoration Campaign & Applying the Plan Pillars to Membership Development
Learn more about the fraternity’s membership retention campaign and review the results of those efforts so far. Create a plan for existing and restored members to ensure that everyone feels welcome at lodge by applying the lessons learned from the 2025 Plan. And learn about different tools to help boost membership development and retention such as the Grand Lodge Dues Program and iMember 2.0.

Session 6/ July 22th: The Can’t Miss Stated Meeting
Speaker: Doug Ismail
How would the members of your lodge describe your BEST Stated Meetings? We know from our market research for the 2050 vision and 2025 plan that many brothers think the stated meeting can be improved. Come share how we can make stated meetings can’t miss events.

Session 7
Officer-only Sessions
These officer-specific sessions take a close look at what each lodge officer role can do to plan for the year ahead using the 2025 Plan pillars as their guide. Hear from Grand Lodge officers and have questions answered about the year ahead, including issues related to re-opening lodges. Sessions include:

  • For masters: How to Support the Lodge and the 2025 Plan as a Past Master
  • For senior wardens: Setting a Vision for Your Year as Master
  • For junior wardens: Guiding Candidates for Degrees Using the 2025 Plan
  • For senior deacons: How to Prepare a Social Calendar and Incorporate Lessons of the 2025 Plan 

Session 8:
Budget and Per Capita: What to Expect
Learn about the proposed budget and per capita to be presented at the upcoming Annual Communication. Also, learn about the latest plans for the 172nd annual event.