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They’re simple tools of an ancient craft, used to build cathedrals and fortresses, but also character and values. Together, they represent morality and wisdom, the foundations of Freemasonry. Anywhere in the world you see the square and compass, you know that Masons there are committed to personal growth, service, and friendship. 

These symbols are about connecting to something bigger than yourself. They’re about sharing centuries-old traditions and life lessons that guide, unite, and bind us together—regardless of background or faith.

The square and compass stand for making a profound difference in our own lives, in the lives of those around us, and in the communities we live in and serve. Learn more about what Freemasonry stands for today.

Discover Yourself. Discover Freemasonry.

What We Do

Masons are committed to forming true friendships, practicing self-improvement, and making a positive impact on each other, our families, and in our communities. Through our lodges and in our own lives, we work every day to deliver on those promises.


Whether it’s helping guide a new member through the rituals of Freemasonry or just grabbing a drink together after work, Masons love nothing more than coming together.


Masonic lodges frequently host lectures and hold discussions about philosophy, history, and current events. One of the treasures of Freemasonry is the lifelong learning opportunities it provides.

La Jolla Lodge No. 518, San Diego Masonic Lodge.
Freemasons giving back. Masonic lodge doing charity work.


Masons support their community and important local causes, particularly around public education and childhood literacy projects. At both a statewide and local level, Masons are committed to improving the world around them.

You get into a completely different dimension. The hair on your head tingles.

- Lee Wilbourne

Racecar driver and mechanic

Nevada Lodge No. 13

With Freemasonry and skydiving, it’s the same premise. You have a community that supports you and guides you. When you jump, you have people looking out for you.

- Rio Santonil

Amateur skydiver

Torrance University Lodge No. 394

When I became a classical musician, I learned about our wonderful brother Mozart, and that sparked my interest in Freemasonry even more.

- DeAndre Simmons

Opera singer

San Diego Lodge No. 35