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Achieving 100% officer giving

When the lodges with 100 percent officer giving were announced this year at Annual Communication, Carpinteria Lodge No. 444 was among them. It was a major accomplishment for this small but determined lodge, and one that they intend to repeat every year going forward.

Master June Longcob explains.


We’ve always been very charity-oriented at Carpinteria Lodge. We regularly donate to the Midnight Mission, local schools, and community causes. But we had never done a major initiative to benefit our fraternity’s own Annual Fund. That changed this year, when we set a goal for 100 percent officer giving.

The initiative

  • I encouraged each officer to give a meaningful amount within his personal budget, emphasizing that our participation would provide a strong example to the rest of our lodge.
  • I shared the amount of my own donation pledge, and some of the other officers chose to match it.
  • I sent frequent reminders by email, Facebook, text, and phone call. With every reminder, I urged officers to make their donation right then and there.
  • To track participation, I instructed officers to send their donations to the lodge secretary. This also increased everyone’s accountability.
  • A group of us attended SummerFest at the Masonic Home at Covina. It was a great opportunity to see the impact of our donations first hand – this is our Masonic family; this is who we’re supporting. Someday, we may live here, too.
  • Every year, the lodges with 100 percent officer giving are announced at Annual Communication. We were all motivated by that. We knew that if other lodges could do it, we could too.

The accomplishment

  • It was a dream come true to hear our lodge’s name called out at Annual Communication.
  • We received a plaque for 100 percent officer giving, which is now displayed at the entrance of our lodge. Masons visiting from other lodges often point it out. It’s a symbol of our commitment to the fraternity, and to each other.
  • The incoming master has made it a goal to receive another plaque next year, and every year after that. There’s an expectation now.

The takeaways

  • The designation of 100 percent officer giving is an example to our members: We’re all in this together. Every single brother can make a difference.
  • Supporting the Annual Fund ultimately benefits all of us. We’re all part of the Masonic family, and any one of us may need its support someday.
  • Charitable giving should be a way of life for every Mason. As it says in the ritual, our three principal moral virtues are faith, hope, and charity – and the greatest of these is charity.

Contact: June Longcob

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Motivate member giving

When you give to the Annual Fund, you make a difference for fraternal family in need and public education. Here are 14 ways to motivate your members to give, too.

Raise awareness

  • Link to on your lodge website and in your Facebook, Twitter, and other social profiles
  • Use email, text message, and social media to encourage Annual Fund support and direct members to
  • Remind members that they can easily give directly from their smartphones

Post at lodge or print in the Trestleboard

  • Pass on true stories of fraternal relief: A Call for Help | The Journey Home (More stories are available in each Masons of California annual report.)
  • Share a letter from the master asking members to give to the Annual Fund
    • TIP: Include a personal note about why you give

At stated meeting

  • Read this MOS testimonial aloud or share a personal story of relief to show how member donations make a difference
  • Invite a Masonic Assistance representative to the lodge to talk about support services available to members and how Annual Fund donations help

Set an example with 100 percent officer giving

  • Make it a goal for every officer to donate a meaningful amount to the Annual Fund. Emphasize that this amount is different for everyone, but each gift demonstrates our commitment to fraternal relief.
  • Follow up with officers via text, phone call, social media, and face to face to ensure that they have made their donation
  • Keep track of officer donations via the lodge secretary
  • If you already have a record of 100 percent officer giving, celebrate the achievement by displaying the plaque at lodge and by announcing it at stated meetings and in the Trestleboard

Launch a special appeal for end-of-year giving

  • Remind members that they can take advantage of tax credits for giving by making a last-minute donation to the Annual Fund before the end of the calendar year
  • During the month of December, make a special effort to share these testimonials via announcement, Trestleboard, email, and social media: A Call for Help | The Journey Home

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Your December checklist

Stay on track of lodge business and prepare for important deadlines. Here’s your November checklist:

Executive Committee

  • Along with the senior warden (incoming master), set 2016 calendar and identify event leaders
  • Hold installation of officers, or continuing preparing for installation
  • Review all candidates’ progress toward advancement
  • Meet with inspector to review plan for the year

Senior warden/incoming master

  • Present 2016 calendar and program plan to the lodge, or finalize it for presenting in January
  • Prepare 2016 budget to present to the lodge in January
  • Ensure that all committee assignments have been determined. After installation as master, confirm Audit, Charity, and Membership Retention Committee appointments
  • Review all candidates’ progress toward advancement


  • Continue sending out dues notices and collecting member dues
  • Begin preparing secretary’s annual report to present to the lodge in February


  • Begin preparing treasurer’s annual report to present to the lodge in February

Questions? Contact Member Services at or (415) 776-7000.

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For your Trestleboard

By partnering with Masonic Assistance, you can make sure your fraternal family knows where to turn when they need support.

This special installment features a true tale of outreach. Share it with the lodge to raise awareness of outreach services and to reflect on the good you do by supporting Masonic Assistance. To make a contribution, visit

This month’s example of relief in action comes from Santa Barbara Lodge No. 192, where three members stepped in to help an aging brother.

Download: Beyond Obligation: The Care Givers
Publish in your Trestleboard, email to your membership, or print out and post at the lodge.

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Find it on

To support California Masonry and its causes, head to Making a gift is easy, secure, and mobile-friendly – make a gift right from your smartphone.

Annual Fund support

  • Create and manage a personal donor account to keep track of your gifts and receipts
  • Choose to make a monthly, quarterly, or one-time gift
  • Specify if you would like your gift to be directed to Masonic relief, support for California public schools, or a 50/50 split between the two

Information on bequests and legacy gifts

  • From the main page of, hover over the Contribute dropdown menu and select Legacy Giving

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Question of the month

Last month we asked how often your Executive Committee (the lodge master, wardens, treasurer, and secretary) meets independently to discuss lodge business. Of those who responded:

35% - Every month
15% - Every few months
15% - Once or twice a year
23% - Never
12% - Other

Of the Executive Committees that do meet independently, 26 percent take minutes and distribute them among committee members after each meeting.

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