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Champion Civility This May

Grand Master Charvonia has declared May 2015 to be “Champion Civility Month” – encouraging Masons throughout California to champion civility through their lodges and in their daily lives. This May, take the 31-Day Civility Challenge to start making a profound difference.

And, try these five tips for more ideas to get involved:

1. Get the free, online Civility Toolkit. Developed by a committee of civility thought leaders, including Grand Master Russ Charvonia, Past Grand Master John Lowe, and leaders from other Masonic jurisdictions, the kit includes a wealth of online and printable resources to champion civility in your community.

2. Host a public civility program at your lodge. Use resources from the Civility Toolkit to plan a community-oriented civility program at your lodge. Consider discussing the concept of civility as a panel, and invite members of local city government and public school administrators to attend.

3. Involve local youth. Encourage members of the Masonic youth orders or local public school students to join a dialogue about civility by holding an essay contest or debate.

4. Plan civility-inspired Masonic education. Encourage lodge members to consider the concept of civility in the context of Masonic values.

5. Share your efforts. Does your lodge already have a great civility-inspired program in the works? Post a description or photo of your activities, using the hashtag #Masons4Civility.

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