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The Candidate Learning Center is an online education tool that helps candidates earn their degrees easily and conveniently on any laptop, tablet, or phone.

  • Inspiring videos show brothers living the craft and sharing how their lives are enriched by Masonry.
  • Historic articles, photos, and other archives give context to the lessons.
  • Best of all, the Candidate Learning Center is now FREE!

With the Candidate Learning Center, candidates achieve a thoughtful, deep understanding of degree lessons, and how to apply them. It's a convenient way to study - and to coach.

Getting Started Is Easy!

My Candidate Learning Center is available at the top of the Member Center after you've logged in to, and is personalized just for you.

Members of all degree levels

  • In My Candidate Learning Center, you will see the courses that are available for your degree level. (For example, Fellow Craft Masons can access the Entered Apprentice or Fellow Craft courses; Master Masons can access all three degree level courses.)
  • To continue where you left off, simply log back in to the Member Center and click on My Candidate Learning Center.

Candidate coaches

  • Follow the instructions above to access the Candidate Learning Center materials for all three degree levels.
  • To view your candidates' course status, open their member record; their progress will be recorded under "Basic Masonic Education Course" within the degree section of their candidate record.
  • Join a webinar or a one-on-one training session with Member Services for additional assistance. Contact for a schedule of upcoming trainings.


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